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  • Demonoid
youre goona friggin/hate it and love it once you figure out all the controls switching from the online virtual keyboard or when to use the actual ps2 controller if you can actually figure out how to load the game. i will tell its worth it because the they have such a big library and fun fun games. email [email protected] if want t o email about how to get it working

its an iso ran full inside via OPL so here are the steps:
install the iso via winhip to hdd or just slam it on yer network drive via smb.
load up opl, i luanch opl via ulaunch elf for the most part because i use generic 128mb memcard in slot 1 otherwise if using sony memcard in slot 1 i have it automated to load opl,

ok, once in opl find it in "ethgames" or in hdd (harddrive) or i spose (usb) , once find the file (c64_128) there are limited gmaes idk if theyre on there but the emulator also has even further lamer deprecated stuff - basicaaly after it loads goto c64 and push X and wait youll come to the c64 prompt. R1 brings up the keyboard, but to load game just hit start button; hit 1st selection "autostart disk/tape image" with the x button, then because its an iso image hit 1st selection cdrom0: THEN has i have this ISO setup choose "roms 1-4" directories to have fun - NOTE: some games you have to switch between the keyboard and joystick how to get the game even started.

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