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Biology, 12th Edition (c2016), textbook by Sylvia S. Mader & Michael Windelspecht.

(ISBN-13: 9780078024269)

PITCH: «THE MADER/WINDELSPECHT STORY... The twelfth edition of Biology is a traditional, comprehensive introductory biology textbook, with coverage from Cell Structure and Function to the Conservation of Biodiversity. The book, which centers on the evolution and diversity of organisms, is appropriate for any one- or two-semester biology course.

Biology, 12th Edition, is the epitome of Sylvia Mader's expertise. Its concise, precise writing-style employs lucid language to present the material as succinctly as possible, enabling students - even non-majors - to master the foundational concepts before coming to class. "Before You Begin", "Following the Themes", and "Thematic Feature Readings" piece together the three major themes of the text - evolution, nature of science, and biological systems. Students are consistently engaged in these themes, revealing the interconnectedness of the major topics in biology. Sylvia Mader typifies an icon of science education. Her dedication to her students, coupled with her clear, concise writing-style has benefited the education of thousands of students over the past three decades.

The integration of the text and digital world has been achieved with the addition of Dr. Michael Windelspecht’s facility for the development of digital learning assets. For over ten years, Michael served as the Introductory Biology Coordinator at Appalachian State University - a program that enrolls over 4,500 non-science majors annually. Michael is the lead architect in the design of McGraw-Hill's Connect Plus and LearnSmart media content for the Mader series. These assets allow instructors to easily design interactive tutorial materials, enhance presentations in both online and traditional environments, and assess the learning objectives and outcomes of the course.»

.1 A View of Life
UNIT 1 - The Cell
.2 Basic Chemistry
.3 The Chemistry of Organic Molecules
.4 Cell Structure and Function
.5 Membrane Structure and Function
.6 Metabolism: Energy and Enzymes
.7 Photosynthesis
.8 Cellular Respiration
UNIT 2 - Genetic Basis of Life
.9 The Cell Cycle and Cellular Reproduction
.10 Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction
.11 Mendelian Patterns of Inheritance
.12 Molecular Biology of the Gene
.13 Regulation of Gene Expression
.14 Biotechnology and Genomics
UNIT 3 - Evolution
.15 Darwin and Evolution
.16 How Populations Evolve
.17 Speciation and Macroevolution
.18 Origin and History of Life
.19 Taxonomy, Systematics, and Phylogeny
UNIT 4 - Microbiology and Evolution
.20 Viruses, Bacteria, and Archaea
.21 Protist Evolution and Diversity
.22 Fungi Evolution and Diversity
UNIT 5 - Plant Evolution and Biology
.23 Plant Evolution and Diversity
.24 Flowering Plants: Structure and Organization
.25 Flowering Plants: Nutrition and Transport
.26 Flowering Plants: Control of Growth Responses
.27 Flowering Plants: Reproduction
UNIT 6 - Animal Evolution and Diversity
.28 Invertebrate Evolution
.29 Vertebrate Evolution
.30 Human Evolution
UNIT 7 - Comparative Animal Biology
.31 Animal Organization and Homeostasis
.32 Circulation and Cardiovascular Systems
.33 The Lymphatic and Immune Systems
.34 Digestive Systems and Nutrition
.35 Respiratory Systems
.36 Body Fluid Regulation and Excretory Systems
.37 Neurons and Nervous Systems
.38 Sense Organs
.39 Locomotion and Support Systems
.40 Hormones and Endocrine Systems
.41 Reproductive Systems
.42 Animal Development
UNIT 8 - Behavior and Ecology
.43 Behavioral Ecology
.44 Population Ecology
.45 Community and Ecosystem Ecology
.46 Major Ecosystems of the Biosphere
.47 Conservation of Biodiversity
- A: Answer Key
- B: Tree of Life

FILE INFO: paginated, bookmarked, true PDF (164 MB). Compressed (zipped): *right-click* the filename (.7z) & select *Extract* to "convert" to PDF; discard the .7z file (container) when done with seeding.

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